• Plastic Feeder Cup

    • Made of quality plastic, these cage feeder cups are sturdy and wear resistant, waterproof which are reliable to use, and can apply many times;
    • The capacity is 16 fl.oz.
    • Hanging cups for large birds can also be used to feed pigeons,dove, parrots, cockatiel, conures, canary, small animals, finches ,doves, budgies, rabbit,poultry.
    • the bird food bowl has 3 hooks on the back that can be easily attached to any wire cage, which is convenient and easy to hang, bringing you a pretty convenience;
    • these hanging cups can be secured inside and outside the cage to help retain food and water, and your pets can drink at a suitable height and do not worry about tipping food and water bowl;
    • the pet bowl have smooth edge without burrs.
    • the food bowl is easy to clean with water, no waste of time washing and cleaning, easy and convenient.
    • they are suitable for chicken feeder, rabbit food bowl parrot habitat, bird feeding, bird rest, parrot drinking water, exercise chewing function, and more.

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